About Central Continuing Care

Central Continuing Care has been a family owned and family operated facility since the day it was built. It all started in 1991 when Bill Payne and his two sons, Mark and David, ventured out to build this 120 bed skilled nursing facility. Bill had previously built 2 assisted living facilities (Central Care and Colonial Care) with his brother-in-law. The Payne family has always been a part of the daily working operations.

Bill Payne was an owner and Administrator for 49 years before his passing in August 2015 where he spent his last few months of life at Central Continuing Care. Billʼs wife, Toby, was also instrumental in the operation of the facilities. She worked as Activities Director at both assisted living facilities for many years. She also spent the last few years of her life at CCC. Bill’s legacy still lives on at his facilities through the delightful, family-like environment that they provide and his family now plays a vital role in keeping these facilities up and running.